• ShowOne is a Godsend…I love it! It empowers a drummer to have maximum control over backing tracks using less gear and it works seamlessly on stage. It takes me half the amount of time to prepare sets for live shows.

    Jon Knox
    Union of Sinners & Saints, Session (Drums)
  • Amazing product.

    Mika Fineo
    Filter, Puddle of Mudd, Karmin (Drums)
  • Love your software. It’s been bulletproof for my live shows.

    Kurt Krezanski
    Golden Road, Solo Artist (Guitar)
  • As a drummer in a band using backing tracks, nothing I came across could match the functionality and simplicity this app offers.

    Terry Nattress
    American Ways (Drums)
  • I love using ShowOne - It's easy to import, set a tempo and I'm ready to play!

    Alex Rodriguez
    Saosin (Drums)
  • I just ditched my $3k Ableton rig and replaced it with ShowOne. It's the most inexpensive and RELIABLE setup possible. So awesome!

    Aaron Rothe
    888 (Keyboards, Vocals)
  • Still blown away by ShowOne…this software is the bomb!

    Bruce Murphy
    Men Without Hats (Keys)
  • Thanks for developing such a great app!

    Phil Bennett
    Starship (Keys)
  • Your app is amazing - Thank you for creating an incredible tool! This has replaced an entire touring tracks rig!

    Simon O'Connor
    The Voice Australia, Josh Setterfield (Drums)
  • ShowOne elegantly takes care of a problem that we've had for decades: how to handle monitoring backing tracks and click tracks onstage. Finally, a professional solution made by pros.

    Electronic Musician Magazine
  • I was literally on my way out the door to buy an SPD-sx when I tried one more time to see if there was an 'app-for-that'. You saved me $790. Works great!

    Ryan Dolan
    The Sheila Divine
  • ShowOne is the perfect tool for running tracks on stage or in rehearsal — and on a device that we carry around with us already.

    Nick Wheeler
    All-American Rejects (Guitar)
  • 'Faultless' - 'Superb app!' - 'Brilliant!'

    iTunes UK user reviews
  • We love this app!!

    Justin McDonald
    Varsity Week (Bass)


  • Automatic click perfectly in sync with your music – no more printing clicks to one side of your audio
  • Adjust track tempo, pitch (+/-12 semitones), volume, start and end trim
  • Add voice counts of 1 to 4 bars for any track
  • Reorder songs in a set, add and remove tracks easily
  • Have tracks stop when complete or play-through into the next automatically
  • Make the click play how and when you need it with Click Delay, Click Mute, and Accented Click (or turn it off altogether)
  • Import your music ultra fast via cloud (Dropbox, Box, iCloud, Google Drive) or Finder File Sharing
  • Use tracks that you’ve pre-recorded with clicks and cues to one side with the User Cue feature
  • Unlimited tracks and sets (with paid Basic version)
  • MIDI compatible with external gear* – MIDI Clock Out, Program Changes, control of ShowOne transport (*available as in-app purchase)


  • Audio is split automatically out the iOS device headphone jack – click/music for the musician, just music for the audience (or easily configure ShowOne as a normal stereo audio player)
  • Works with any Core Audio interface (Apogee, NI, Focusrite, etc)
  • 4-Channel Mode* – stereo Main channel to audience and stereo Cue channel to musicians with compatible interface (*available as in-app purchase)
  • Exclusive ShowOne Crosstalk Control to help reduce crosstalk or bleed
  • High quality time/pitch algorithm
  • Choose from several custom click sounds
  • Play along with your favorite click sounds via add-on Click Packs
  • New features and click sounds coming in the In-App Shop
  • Most audio file types accepted (WAV/AIFF/MP3/AAC), 24 bit and up to 96k


  • Clear and intuitive user interface, easy to read in high pressure live situations
  • Big, striking transport for ease of control
  • Info Pane with Bar Counter, Tempo and Pitch settings, and Scrub bar
  • Show and Set Views : two viewing modes to suit individual needs during shows or rehearsals
  • Large font in Show View so you know where you are at a glance
  • All Settings pages are easy to read and intuitive


  • iPhone® | iPad®
  • Rock solid, stable, skip-free operation
  • Simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros
  • Fast and easy setup – get up and running with your tracks in no time
  • Dependable backup solution for more advanced live scenarios
  • Use on any of your devices | Share/Backup entire ShowOne library easily
  • Excellent practice tool as well – speed up/slow down tracks with metronome for learning and perfecting parts, change the pitch, etc.
  • Free version is mostly full-featured, limited to 2 user tracks at a time
  • Designed by professional touring musicians and recording artists for real-world use