• 3.19.2022 – V 1.5.3 available

    ShowOne version 1.5.3 has been released. This update improves stability with wired and Bluetooth MIDI connections, and includes features from 1.5.2 such as a text enlargement button for Set View.

  • 10.16.21 – ShowOne 1.5.0 released w/ iPad support!

    Finally – ShowOne for iPad has arrived!

    You may now use ShowOne properly on the iPad in both portrait and landscape orientations, taking advantage of its larger form and certain iPadOS multitasking capabilities. Lay your iPad on its side at your gig or rehearsal and control ShowOne just like any other landscape app. Easily switch over to other lyric or chord sheet apps with ShowOne’s steady playback continuing in the background. And of course you may as always use it in portrait mode just like the iPhone.

    NOTE: you may not switch the orientation while using the app. To switch from portrait to landscape or vice versa, simply quit ShowOne, change the orientation, and open ShowOne again.

    We’ve been asked about this for a long time from users and we’re happy to finally bring it to you. There will be lots of improvements and upgrades to the ShowOne iPad experience moving forward – this is just a solid first step. And don’t worry iPhone users – ShowOne isn’t going anywhere and will continue to improve on both devices. If you have any questions or suggestions about ShowOne on iPad or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

  • 11.30.2020 – ShowOne V1.3.21 released

    This version brings a handful of useful new features to ShowOne as requested by users. Sets now display their total time next to their name in both set/show views and the sets list. You can now shut off the internal click across the entire app in Settings, as well as disable all Cue Channel routing so that ShowOne functions as a normal player of stereo audio files that you import. There are also a few bug fixes and improvements for compatibility with iOS / iPadOS 14 devices.

    Update here:


  • 9.3.2020 – ShowOne V1.3.20 released

    New version available in the App Store with bug fixes and the ability to duplicate (or delete) a set by swiping left on the Set name in the Sets list.

    Also included are the updates from versions 1.3.17- 1.3.19 which are bug fixes and better under-the-hood compatibility with current and future versions of iOS and iPadOS, and the vastly improved Backup and Restore that allows you to share or backup the entire contents of ShowOne to other devices or the cloud.

    Update here:

  • 10.9.19 – With macOS Catalina, File Sharing is now within the Finder

    In October, 2019 macOS Catalina (10.15) was released, and with it, the File Sharing functionality between the computer and connected iOS devices changed from being within iTunes to the Finder. When you connect your iOS device to the computer, it will appear as an item within “Locations” in the sidebar of one of your Finder windows. You should see ShowOne as one of the apps listed there under “Files”; simply drag any audio files you want to import to the ShowOne icon and they’ll appear in the import queue as normal.

    For more info, see this Apple support document:

  • 8.17.19 – ShowOne Backup and Restore is here!

    NOTE: This version has a problem with older devices running iOS version 9.3.5. We’re rolling back to an older version (which will be 1.3.13) until we fix the issue. If you don’t need ShowOne an older device with that iOS version, skip the 1.3.13 update and wait for the next one.

    AT LONG LAST – with the release of ShowOne 1.3.12 you may now have a backup of all of your ShowOne tracks and sets! Play gigs with the security of knowing you have a safe backup of your show that can be restored to any of your devices. The “Backup/Restore” feature available as an in-app purchase in the Shop.

    ** See our new page about this feature in the Tips & Tricks section.

  • 1.3.19 – 2019 is here! ShowOne V1.3.11 released with new MIDI features

    Happy 2019 with a big MIDI update! In this version:


    – Sync external MIDI gear to ShowOne with MIDI Clock output*
    – Track by track Program and Bank changes (to change patches on external gear)*
    – Proper MIDI Bluetooth setup area to easily control ShowOne with Bluetooth MIDI devices
    improved stability with MIDI connections in general
    – additional description buttons in Settings area, as well as updated names of certain functions for clarity
    – fixed bugs
    * requires the new MIDI Advanced in-app purchase

    Lots of new stuff coming in 2019 – thanks for supporting ShowOne!

  • 6.7.18 – New ShowOne updates (V1.3.9)

    Versions 1.3.8 and 1.3.9 have brought a couple much-requested features to ShowOne:

    1. ShowOne now works with non-whole number tempos to two decimal places BPM; i.e. 150.5, 85.85, 180.73, and so on. Enjoy the very precise tempos you can now have in your ShowOne tracks!
    2. Click Mute may now be turned both on and off at chosen bars within a track. Use this to mute the click just for a section or sections of a song: for instance, mute the click for the intro of a song and have it come in when it’s time to start playing in the verse.


    Look for many more sought-after features to be incorporated into ShowOne throughout the year!

  • 9/25/17 – iOS 11 issues list – RESOLVED

    Update to ShowOne V1.3.6 (released 9/25/17) for proper compatibility with iOS 11 and fixes to the below issues. Update to latest Dropbox version as well to fix #3 below.

    Apple unveiled iOS 11 yesterday, and we discovered a couple issues around importing with this iOS update. We’re working fast on fixes and will have an update soon, but in the meantime here are the issues so everyone is aware and can plan to work around them.

    1. FIXED IN SHOWONE V1.3.6 – Pressing the “+” Import button takes you to iCloud Drive within the new Files system in iOS 11. However it’s nearly impossible to navigate to your other cloud apps because to go to the main Browser page, you would press the “Locations” button which is near invisible against the background (see pic). To access Dropbox and other apps, press in the upper left corner which will take you to the main Browse page where all your cloud apps are located. If you’re not seeing one you have installed when you get there, press “Edit” in upper right corner and turn it on with the switch. Again the “Edit” button will be essentially hidden but it is there.                                                                                                                                                          
    2. FIXED IN SHOWONE V1.3.6 – On an iPad only, when you’re entering tempo and other information during import, the tempo entry field is hidden (it’s covered up by the numeric keypad). You can still enter the number correctly, you just can’t see it as it’s entered. After importing a song we recommend checking the tempo you entered in the Track Settings > Track Import Settings > Original Tempo. If that’s incorrect you can change it there.
    3. FIXED IN DROPBOX V64.3 – Dropbox import is broken.  **THIS IS A DROPBOX ISSUE WITH ALL APPS – THEY WILL FIX ASAP. Selecting a file in Dropbox will download and appear to import, but the file will not show up in the import queue. All the other cloud apps work fine. Until they get a fix, please use one of the others like Google Drive or iCloud Drive.

    Thanks for the patience, we’ll get these fixed asap!


  • ShowOne 1.3.4 – all new UI and more

    This is our biggest update yet! With ShowOne 1.3.4 we’ve completely revamped the interface and user experience to make it easier to navigate and use. Every screen of the app has been updated and enhanced. In addition, we’ve fixed a few bugs and improved the User Cue functionality. Check the “Tips & Tricks” entry for a detailed look at all the changes.

    ShowOne 1.3.4 includes:

    1. a completely updated UI from the ground up
    2. all new Home screen
    3. redesigned in-app Shop
    4. updated and reorganized Settings menus
    5. improved User Cue feature: now User Cue works as expected in 4-channel mode as well as 2-channel mode
    6. various bug fixes including the User Cue side-switching bug

    Let us know what you think of the new design and what you’d like to see next in ShowOne, and don’t forget to leave a review/rating on the App Store!


  • 4/23/17 – ShowOne V1.3.3 released

    ShowOne V1.3.3 released with the much-requested User Cue feature (now you can import tracks with your own clicks/cues printed on one side). Available in the App Store now

  • 3/22/17 – ShowOne featured in Modern Drummer

    ShowOne made a spot in Modern Drummer’s “6 More Mobile Apps Every Drummer Should Know”. Check out the article at the link!


    Read more
  • 1/12/17 – ShowOne 1.3.2 released

    Version updates:

    • Recurring Apple ID prompt fixed
  • 12/29/16 – Year End sale is on!

    The ShowOne end of year sale is on – unlock the full version for 30% off the regular price and get a free Click Pack! Additional features are also discounted.
    Press “Unlock” from the main menu and then go to the Store for the add-on features and click pack.

    Download for free from the App Store via the buttons all over the site!


  • 10/19/16 – ShowOne 1.3.1 released

    ShowOne version 1.3.1 is out today featuring:

    • Accented Click toggle – turn the accent off in the click (useful for tracks with non-4/4 or 6/8 time signatures)

    • extended Track Trim ranges – Start and End Trim ranges extended to 100 bars each

    • a couple minor bug fixes

    Grab the update from the App Store.

  • 8/19/16 – ShowOne V1.3 released featuring MIDI control

    ShowOne V1.3 is released today, bringing ShowOne off it’s lonely island with MIDI connectivity! Control ShowOne’s transport controls with an external keyboard or drum pad when connected via MIDI interface. The MIDI Transport feature is available as an in-app purchase within the Store.

  • 7/29/16 – Lit using ShowOne on Summerland Tour 2016

    Alternative/rock band Lit (“My Own Worst Enemy”, “Miserable”) is using ShowOne throughout the Summerland Tour featuring Everclear and Sugar Ray in 2016. Check out a show –

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  • 7/11/16 – ShowOne 1.2.5 released

    1.2.5 released today with some minor updates. 4-Channel Mode is now a separate in-app purchase


  • 7/8/16 – ShowOne 1st Birthday Sale

    Happy 1st birthday ShowOne! Unlock the app for just $5.99 now through the weekend.


  • 5/31/16 – Dual ShowOne setups on the Eve 6 2016 summer tour

    Eve 6 and opener Oz are both using ShowOne in their sets throughout the summer tour – check it out!


  • 4/26/26 – ShowOne 1.2.4 released


    New update out today with a couple helpful features:

    – You can now change a track’s Original Tempo and Time Signature from within Track Settings – no need to delete and reimport a track anymore if the click is off sync because you entered the wrong tempo during import. It’s near the bottom of the settings page for each track.

    – The green Preview button in the main Settings page now plays the last played track along with the click/count loop so you can adjust click and track volumes while listening, and hear how different click sounds feel against the music right from the Settings page.

    IMPORTANT: This version (1.2.4) only works on iOS 8 and up, so all you users still on iOS 7 or the old school iPhone 4 will need to upgrade or be stuck at 1.2.3.

    Please drop us a review on the App Store after downloading the new update!

  • 4/7/16 – ShowOne co-creator on Behind The Kit Podcast

    Tony Fagenson, co-creator of ShowOne, gives an in-depth interview on the Behind The Kit Podcast, discussing his band Eve 6, producing and songwriting, music in general, and of course ShowOne. Listen here:

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  • 4/5/16 – Updated Interface Compatibility Chart

    New updates to the 3rd-party audio interface compatibility chart, including a revised entry for the Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2. Download the chart below:

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  • 2/27/16 – ShowOne featured in DRUM! Magazine

    Nice little feature in DRUM! Magazine, check it out at the link:

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  • 2.22.16 – ShowOne 1.2.3 released

    ShowOne version 1.2.3 is out today with added help dialogs on the Import Screen. Grab it in the App Store!


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  • 1/28/16 – Interview with ShowOne co-creator Tony Fagenson and That’s Why We Musyc

    Tony talks about the history and personal need for ShowOne and other things music-related in this interview with music blog That’s Why We Musyc. Check it out:

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  • 1/25/16 – NAMM Show 2016

    We had a great time cruising the room and getting people hip to ShowOne! Saw some old friends and made some new ones – looking forward to next year!

  • 1/18/16 App Picker and No Treble reviews

    Two nice write ups for ShowOne recently: in App Picker, app review site, and in No Treble, the online mag for bass players. Check them out here:

    App Picker REVIEW

    No Treble REVIEW

  • 1/6/16 – Features for 2016?

    Thanks for helping make 2015 a great launch year for ShowOne. We’ve got some neat stuff for 2016 on the horizon. What would you most like to see added to ShowOne this year? Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or email!

    Tony & Jerry,

    One Zero One Audio

  • 1/1/16 – Happy 2016 from ShowOne!

    #HappyNewYear and thanks for all the ShowOne support in our inaugural year! Much more to come in 2016 – let us know what features you’d like to see added in this next year!

  • 12/22/15 – Unlock ShowOne for $5.99 ’til the end of 2015

    We’re having an end-of-the-year sale! From now through December 31st, you can unlock ShowOne for just $5.99. And on Christmas, December 25th, we’ll have an extra goodie for all those who unlocked the app… Happy Holidays from your ShowOne friends!

  • 12/16/15 – Tony Fagenson interview with

    ShowOne co-creator Tony Fagenson did a video-chat interview with Sean Mitchell of drummer blog The Black Page, discussing ShowOne and how it came into existence. Check it out at the link here:

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  • 12/1/15 – Music App Blog review

    The Music App Blog gave ShowOne a positive and thorough review over at their site, pointing out several of the key features currently in the app and also a few more that would make nice additions in the future. Trust us – we’re listening!

    From the review: “At £6.99 UK for the ‘unlock’ IAP… [ShowOne] will probably pay for itself in convenience before you finish your first gig.”

    See the full review here:

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  • 11/27/15 – App Advice feature

    Thanks App Advice for the nice write up and front page feature last week. Here’s the link in case you missed it:

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  • 11/25/15 – BFSD

    Our friends at Big Fat Snare Drum (BFSD), the awesome snare drum dampening system that’s become a must have for working drummers everywhere, had this to say about ShowOne on Instagram this week:

    “My buddies just came out with this app that gives you 4 channels (Stereo Tracks & Click) with a rock solid platform and a ton of features. I think this might be the answer to ditching a computer on stage. Go check it.”

    Here’s the link to the post:

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  • 11/24/15 – Sean Winchester / MI Drum Clinic

    Our pal Sean Winchester (freelance drummer and drum instructor, formerly Everclear) held a drum clinic at Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles on Tues. Nov. 24th. He used ShowOne to play along with a track for the audience, and said “The app worked perfectly!”

    Check him out here

  • 11/19/15 – EM/Keyboard/Bass Musician features

    Some great write-ups from these excellent publications. The Electronic Musician and Keyboard ones include quotes from ShowOne co-creator Tony Fagenson. Check ’em out!


    Electronic Musician: LINK

    Keyboard: LINK

    Bass Musician: LINK

  • 11/18/15 – Discchord blog write-up

    Nice little write-up of ShowOne from Discchord. Check it out at the link!

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  • 11/13/15 – ShowOne V1.2.1 released

    Head to the App Store to grab the first official version of ShowOne (formerly Sidestage)! Here’s what’s new in this version:

    – Sidestage is now ShowOne! Different name, same great app!

    – Bar Counter and changing tempos are now compensated for on tracks with Click Delay

    – Click Delay range increased to 500ms

    – added “Rate this App” alert to unlocked version

    – 48k WAV files / countoff sync bug fixed

    – iOS 7 crash bug fixed

    – various under the hood fixes and updates

    Get it here:

    * * * * * *

    If you’ve been using the app, please leave us a review on the App Store! And be sure to follow us on the social sites: @showoneapp

  • 11/12/15 – Hello ShowOne!

    Sidestage is now known as ShowOne!

    The app is the same with all the great features you’ve been used to such as the automatic click, tempo adjustment, and voice counts, but with a different name. We made the change to avoid confusion with other “Sidestage”‘s out there in the music field.

    A new version with the new name will be released on the App Store in a day or two. In addition we’ve added and fixed a few things in this version; check our other blog post or the App Store “What’s New” section for details.

    We’ve changed over all of our social network links as well. If you already follow us on one of them, you don’t have to do anything as we’re keeping the same profiles and simply changing the name of them. Here’s all the links for reference:






    Thanks, and enjoy the new ShowOne!


  • 11/4/15 The 888 stage set up

    Here’s a nice shot of ShowOne user Aaron Rothe’s stage setup as vocalist and keyboard player for Denver-based band, 888.

    Follow them here:

    Insta/Twitter – @888theband

  • 10/19/2015 – 48k WAV count-off bug

    ShowOne users –

    There is a bug in the current version (1.1) that causes 48k WAV files to play behind the click track when a count-off is added. This will be addressed in the next update to come in a few weeks. In the meantime, to use count off on these tracks, either convert your WAV files to 44.1k before importing or use MP3 or AAC files until we can get this fixed. Thanks!

    ShowOne Team

  • 10/16/2015 – Easy to get started

    We really wanted to make it easy for musicians to get up and running quickly with their tracks. All you need is a cheap splitter or breakout cable, and you can play a show or rehearse in sync with your tracks right away. The app takes care of putting everything where it needs to be so you can worry about the most important thing – the music. • • • •
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  • 09/02/2015 – 1.1 Update now available

    The first significant update to ShowOne is now available in the App Store! New stuff includes:

    • New click sounds in unlocked version: Cowbell, Stick, Beep, and the original Default
    • ShowOne In-App Store – new features will now be available to buy as add-on In-App Purchases!
    • Click Pack 1 – a pack of well-known clicks you may be familiar with now available as the first item in the Store. Clicks are Ability, Fruity, Rational, and Sampler.
    • Click Mute – set a bar in each track for the click to turn off (for the end fadeouts of songs for instance)
    • Bar Counter is now green, and during voice countoff the counter is red and with negative values to denote countoff bar
    • Cue Split mode – when in 4-channel (2x stereo) mode, it is now possible to send the click and the countoff out separate channels (3 and 4).
    • Transport area less sensitive to sliding in and out of Show View (easier to Play/Stop)
    • Airplane/Notifications Alert and Unlock popup reminders
    • “Ambient Chill” default track fixed
    • A couple bugs swatted
    • iOS 9 compatible!

    Download it HERE

  • On tour with Eve 6 – Greek Theatre LA Preview

    Here’s a snippet of video of Tony and Eve 6 using ShowOne at the Greek Theatre LA, July 19 2015!

  • New update coming soon…

    A handful of cool new stuff is coming in the 1.1 update, including new click sounds, visual enhancements, a new track settings feature, and the debut of the In-App Store! Check back soon for details…

  • Under The Sun Tour setup pic

    Here’s Tony’s setup next to his drum kit on the Under The Sun Tour with Eve 6.  iPad 2 running ShowOne in 2X Stereo mode, connected to an Apogee Duet.  The Duet main outs (ShowOne Main Output) are feeding into the monitor board via a couple of cables, and the headphone out (ShowOne Cue Output) is a stereo breakout cable feeding a stereo DI and then also into the monitor board.

  • ShowOne on Under The Sun Tour 2015!

    We’re proud to announce that ShowOne is making it’s maiden voyage with the 2015 Under The Sun Tour Featuring: notable 90’s and 2000’s pop-rock bands Sugar Ray, Uncle Kracker, Eve 6, and Better Than Ezra. The tour runs July 17-Aug 29 2015 in the U.S.

    ShowOne co-creator and One Zero One co-founder Tony Fagenson is using ShowOne as the main playback tool for his sets as drummer with Eve 6. Hear ShowOne doing it’s thing such Eve 6 hits as “Inside Out” and “Here’s To The Night” on tour all summer!

  • Like us on Facebook, be happy!

    If you like us on Facebook, we promise to keep working to make Sidestage the best app ever for your backing tracks!  Well we’re gonna do that anyway whether you Like us or not…but it’ll put a smile on our faces, and smiles are a good thing, right?

    Sidestage Facebook

  • ShowOne is officially available on the App Store!

    Having spent many years frustrated with current solutions and trying just about every method under the sun, we felt there needed to be a better way to get musicians in sync with their backing tracks on stage and in rehearsal.

    So after several years of brainstorming, idea-forming, discussing, preparing, and finally executing, we’re finally able to bring our vision to you.  If you’re someone who’s looking to better incorporate your backing tracks into your performances, please, head over to the App Store and give ShowOne a try (it’s free to download).  Look for a lot more online resources such as tutorial videos, tips and tricks, and more in the coming weeks.  And we would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line at, tweet us, leave us comments on FB, whatever.

    Enjoy ShowOne – the ultimate backing tracks tool for musicians!

    One Zero One Audio