Audio Interface Compatibility Chart

  • Download the compatibility chart

    Download the compatibility chart

    UPDATED March 2021

    WHAT’S NEW: • General update of chart to reflect newer iPhones/iPads, power problems with NI Traktor Audio 2, USB-C iPad Pro.

    This chart outlines the 3rd party iOS audio interfaces that have been tested with ShowOne. Any interface that is CoreAudio compatible should work – but these are the ones we tested so far. You can use ShowOne’s 4-channel mode with any of the 4-output (or more) interfaces. Any pertinent notes or issues for each interface are described – note that some require certain Apple adapters depending on your device. If you have one not listed here, please let us know how/if it works with ShowOne!

    IMPORTANT: This chart is meant to be a general guide only. We cannot guarantee perfect operation with any third-party interface when there are so many out there, and so many Apple iPhones/iPads and OS versions that are always changing and updating which affects their compatibility with any external hardware. Please do research on any specific audio interface you might be interested in using with ShowOne by checking the manufacturer’s info and tech specs, forums about compatibility and so forth. If a specific device doesn’t work as expected we’ll try to help, but be prepared to return/swap out for a different one if necessary for your particular iOS device and version.


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