Backup & Restore with ShowOne

  • With the new Backup/Restore feature, you can backup the entire contents of ShowOne to your iCloud server, and restore that backup to your devices. You can restore a saved backup to the same device, or to any other device using the same Apple ID and iCloud. Backing up will preserve:

    • all tracks within ShowOne including the associated audio files
    • all track settings (pitch, track trim, etc)
    • all sets and set settings
    • a backup will NOT preserve global settings such as click sound, output mode, etc

    You may restore a backup to as many devices as you have signed in to your Apple ID/iCloud. Restoring from a backup will erase the current contents of ShowOne on that device and replace it with the contents of the backup. Backups cannot be edited, moved, or deleted. You won’t be able to see or access your backup from iCloud or other areas – it is only accessible via ShowOne through a back-end process called “CloudKit”. When you make a backup, it will replace any prior backups stored on the iCloud server.

    TIP: We recommend leaving at least 5ooMB free on your iCloud drive if you plan to use this feature. If you work with larger format files such as WAV for your tracks and have a lot of them in ShowOne, leave more room (1-2GB).

    TIP: Some very large backups (with many WAV files for instance) may take a long time for uploading and restoring. Be patient.

    NOTE: If there are any errors with the backup, it will automatically send an email to support. If you have further problems, contact us at or use the chat support here on the site