Cables, cables – what should I get?

  • What you need...

    What you need...

    Unless you have a 3rd party iOS audio interface with dedicated output jacks, you’re going to need a cable that splits the stereo signal out of your iPhone or iPad’s headphone jack into two separate mono signals. One signal (the Cue channel with the clicks and counts) will go to the musician, while the other (the Main channel with only the music) will go to the audience or PA.

    TIP: If you don’t plan on using ShowOne’s click track or voice counts, and just want to use ShowOne to play tracks and arrange sets, you don’t need a splitter cable at all. Just turn the click all the way down in Settings.


  • Not this...this!

    Not this...this!

    What you need specifically is known as a stereo breakout or Y-cable.  This cable (in some cases called a “DJ splitter”) is different than a normal headphone splitter that you may find at the Apple Store, airport markets, or other retail shops.  Normal splitters simply “copy” the full stereo signal out two jacks (so two people can hear the same thing out of one iPhone for instance); this won’t work with ShowOne.  A stereo breakout splits the left and right channels of the headphone jack into two separate outputs – this is what ShowOne needs. They’re inexpensive and easy to find.

  • Choices...


    Most breakout cables have a single 1/8″ stereo male connector on one end that will plug into your device’s headphone jack. On the other end some splitters have two 1/8″ female connectors (like the jack on an iPhone), while others have larger 1/4″ connectors (like the jack on a guitar amp). Think about your setup and decide if you need female or male connecters and 1/8″ or 1/4″ on the split end; you might want male 1/4″ connectors to plug directly into a mixer for example. If you plan on plugging your earbuds or in-ear monitors directly into one side of the split cable, one of the “DJ splitter” cables with 1/8″ female jacks will probably work best.

    Most stereo breakout cables run between $4-$15. Links to a few common ones to purchase are below.

    TIP: You’ll almost always want the Main side of your splitter (the signal for the PA/audience) to connect to some kind of mixer or amp, so if you’re using one of the DJ splitters, make sure to get a 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter cable (like this) to plug the Main side into a mixer at your rehearsal space or venue.

  • Links


    You can buy most of these cables at any music instrument or audio store – Guitar Center, Sam Ash, etc. Here are some direct links to a few common ones:

    DJ Splitters (can plug earphones in directly)

    Native Instruments Traktor DJ Cable

    Griffin DJ Cable



    Hosa YMM-261 | Keen Eye (1/8″ female connectors, can plug earphones in directly)

    Hosa YMP-137  (1/4″ female connectors)

    GLS Audio 6′ (1/4″ male connectors for connect to mixer, high quality)

    Hosa CMP153 3′ (1/4″ male connectors for connect to mixer, high quality)

    Hosa REAN – THREE’ | SIX’ | TEN’ (XLR for connect to pro mixers/stage boxes)


    1/8′ to 1/4″ Cables (to connect Main output from DJ splitter into a rehearsal or venue PA or mixer)

    Hosa Interconnect 10′

    Pro Co Excellines (high quality)


  • The Cue is only coming out one ear of my earphones!

    The Cue is only coming out one ear of my earphones!

    If you’re using a standard breakout cables (such as a Hosa model) as opposed to one of the pro DJ splitters, you may find that you’re only hearing sound out one of the ears when plugged directly into the Cue side with earphones. This happens because you’re plugging a mono source directly into stereo headphones. Use a cheap (under $1) mono to stereo adapter like the one shown here; you will now hear the Cue side out both earphones.

    Mono to Stereo Adapters

    Monoprice 1/8″ Mono to Stereo Adapter

    Monoprice 1/4″ Mono to Stereo Adapter