Setting up the iConnect Audio 2+ / 4+ for use with ShowOne

  • Using the iConfig software

    Using the iConfig software

    The iConnect Audio 4+ (and it’s little brother the 2+) from iConnectivity is a great multi-output audio interface for iOS and Mac/PC, but requires a little setup to get to work properly with ShowOne.  Follow the below steps BEFORE connecting your iOS device to the interface.

    NOTE: Do not use iConnectivity’s new “Auracle” configuration software – this will put the iConnect in an output mode that doesn’t work with ShowOne’s 4-channel mode. Use the legacy iConfig software instead.

    1. Download the free iConfig software for Mac/PC from the iConnectivity website HERE
    2. Connect your iConnect Audio 4+ to your computer (not iOS device) with included USB cable, and open the iConfig software. You should see your interface listed as a device – if not, refer to the iConnectivity support section for help
    3. Match the settings as shown in the three pictures below:
      1. Click on the “Audio Info” tab along the top tabs list, and match these settings first
        1. It will probably ask to reset/reboot the device with the new settings; say “OK”
      2. Now click on the “Audio Mixer” tab, and match the settings as highlighted so that USB outputs 1-4 corresponds directly to the analog outs, and so that the Headphone Out doubles outputs 3 and 4
      3. Click on “Audio Patchbay” tab and verify that it looks the same as shown in the screenshot
      4. * You may want to save these settings as a preset in iConfig
      5. Under the “Device” menu, click “Save Current Settings” and then hit “OK”
    4. Quit iConfig software and unplug the Audio 4+ from your computer
    5. Connect the iConnect Audio 4+ to your compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Make sure the interface is on and with power adapter plugged in
    6. Open up ShowOne and put it in 4-Channel Mode as found in Settings. Your tracks will now play full stereo through Outputs 1-2 on the interface, and the Click/Countoffs (along with the music as determined by Cue Track Volume) will play through Outputs 3-4 as well as the stereo Headphone Jack. If you choose “Cue Split” mode, the Countoff will play through Output 3 only, and the click through Output 4 only.



  • Screenshot #1 - iConfig

    Screenshot #1 - iConfig "Audio Info" Tab

    * right click and open images in new tab or save to mobile device to zoom in for detail

    OR download zip of all images below and view at your convenience

  • Screenshot #2 - iConfig

    Screenshot #2 - iConfig "Audio Mixer" Tab

  • Screenshot #3 - iConfig

    Screenshot #3 - iConfig "Audio Patchbay" Tab

  • ShowOne Outputs

    ShowOne Outputs

    Track audio plays through Main Outputs (L and R)

    Clicks/Countoffs/Track plays through Cue Outputs as well as Headphone Jack

  • iConfig-Showone-Setup-screenshots