ShowOne 1.3.4 – new and improved interface

  • ShowOne 1.3.4 has an all new interface – we think it makes the overall user experience better and hope you do too! It’s primarily visual/organizational although there are a couple other improvements as well. Here’s an overview of what’s new for anyone that has gotten used to the previous versions.


    New Home Screen

    The main menu has been reconfigured as the Home Screen with large descriptive buttons for the key screens. The in-app store is now known as the Shop.

    Tracks Screen/Import

    The Tracks screen has been revised. Track Imports have been moved here, and the interface for playing and deleting tracks is updated.

    Track Settings

    This has been cleaned up and streamlined. Settings are now organized into submenus; for instance, all click-related settings for a track are now found in the “Click Options” submenu. We’ve included the bar counter and pitch/tempo information in the Transport here to make working with the settings easier.

    Set/Show Views

    The look of Set and Show Views has been refined. The swipe up/down motion to switch between the two screens has been replaced with a simple up/down arrow.


    The in-app store is now the Shop and has been redesigned. The “Unlock” purchase that allows unlimited imports and access to additional features and sounds is now known as the Basic Version. To access the advanced features and content you still need to upgrade from the free version just as before.

    Global Settings

    This has also been streamlined into submenus. A large “Preview” button now allows playback of the most recently played track in order to get volume levels and check outputs.

    In addition, the User Cue feature has had a couple nasty bugs fixed and works as expected in both 2 and 4-channel modes.